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Our Fall 2021 application is now closed. Please come back again during the Winter 2022 semester to apply.



Are there any requirements to join?

No! We welcome all University of Michigan students, regardless of academic level or major.

How do I join?

We take new members at the beginning of each F/W semester. Early in the semester, we run a series of 2 tutorials to give our prospective members an introduction to data science. Attendance at the tutorials is not mandatory, however each tutorial will have an associated checkpoint which you must submit and get approved in order to join.

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I have no data science experience. Can I join?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to join the team! We strongly recommend newcomers attend our introductory tutorials, as they will teach you the basics of the tools we use and are also a great opportunity to meet others in the same boat!

We also have a repository of MDST-curated "Getting Started" links that contains online tutorials, blog posts, and other resources to help you get a jump start on your data science skills.

How much time commitment do you require?

1 hour project meetings + 3 hour work sessions = about 4 hours per week.

What if I can't attend the meetings?

We understand that school and other commitments may overlap with MDST meetings and do our best to accommodate conflicts. If you are consistently unable to attend either the project meetings (Thursdays) or work sessions (Sundays), please indicate this when you sign up for a project (after completing the checkpoint). We may ask those who cannot attend work sessions to work on a remote project -- please reach out to the Executive Board if you have concerns.

What languages do you use?

We primarily use Python. We like to reuse code and resources as much as possible, so we discourage our project teams from using other languages. If you are an R user, we recommend checking out this helpful tutorial on DataCamp.

I am not a student at the University of Michigan. Can I join?

No. Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting students outside U of M.