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Are there any requirements to join?

No! We are welcoming to all University of Michigan students, regardless of academic level and major. We only ask that you sign up for our mailing list so we can keep in touch with you. Instructions can be found in the sign-up form.

I have no data science experience. Can I join?

Yes! You are welcome to join the team. We hold a tutorial series geared towards helping newcomers get started with data science, and we recommend that all newcomers attend these tutorials. We also have a repository of MDST-curated "Getting Started" links that contains online tutorials, blog posts, and other resources to help you further your data science skills.

I can't attend the meetings. Can I still join?

Yes! We understand that you may have other time commitments that overlap with MDST meetings. While we encourage you to attend meetings whenever you can, we record all of our meetings and tutorial sessions if you need to watch them at a different time.

How much time commitment do you require?

Whatever works for you. We understand that your time commitment might fluctuate throughout the semester, so please let your team members know how much time you are able to dedicate to MDST.

What languages do you use?

We primarily use Python. We like to reuse code and resources as much as possible, so we discourage our project teams from using other languages. If you are an R user, we recommend checking out this helpful tutorial on Datacamp.

I am not a student at the University of Michigan. Can I join?

No. Our meeting are open to the public, but you must be affiliated with the University of Michigan to join MDST projects.