Winter 2021 Tutorials

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Complete the setup guide and download the tutorial materials prior to the first tutorial.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Checkpoint Issues / FAQ

  • Typo in the checkpoint1b.py file -- it tells you to run 'python preprocess.py' ... this should be 'python checkpoint1b.py'

  • Forgot to import pandas in the checkpoint 1b.py file -- add the line 'import pandas as pd' to the top of the file

  • Missing seaborn in the requirements.txt -- install seaborn in your virtualenv (activate environment, then 'pip install seaborn' in the terminal)

Office Hours 0

February 6, 11-2pm

Office Hours 1

February 18, 6-7pm

Office Hours 2

February 24, 2-3pm

Checkpoints are due February 24 at 5pm EST! Submit here to sign up for projects!