VDB (Version Controlled Database)

Title: VDB (Version Controlled Database) [Archived Project]

September 2016 - The End of the World


This project is an internal MDST project where the developers develop a version controlled database driver that can track logical dependencies between data and also keeps versioning metadata. Think of it like a GitHub but for database rather than code (plain text). This project is lead by Chengyu Dai.

Leader(s): Chengyu Dai (slack: @chengyu, email: daich@umich.edu)

MDST Participants: Linh Nguyen (@vlnguyen92), Zhen Xu (@fxz255)

Looking for: Web Developer (React Frontend mostly), People interested in database architecture and distributed systems

External Collaborators: N/A

Achieved Milestone: TBD

Deliverables: TBD

Link to the Codes: TBD

Link to the Dataset: TBD