"Getting Started"

Resource Project Plan

MDST: “Getting Started” Resource Project Plan

May 2017 - August 2017


This project aims to created a curated list, targeted primarily at users new to data science and MDST but also of interest to a broader audience, of resources related to the skills, knowledge, and tools most useful for data science projects and research. We seek to collect high-quality resources, recommended by active MDST members or faculty advisors, and to make them available publicly (hopefully on MDST website or in a public Google-doc). In addition to listing the resource and categorizing them by topic, level of difficulty, and resource type (textbook/coding tutorial/MOOC), we will also include a 1-2 sentence “testimonial” from the MDST member that recommended the resource explaining why they found it useful. This will not only add a unique MDST touch to the list, but will provide interested learners with a point of contact to discuss any resources they’re interested in or working through.

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Leader(s): Josh Gardner (slack: @jpgard, email: jpgrad@umich.edu)

MDST Participants: Pradyumna Gadepally (@pgad), Xinyu Tan (@xinyutan)

Looking for: TBD

External Collaborators: N/A

Achieved Milestone: TBD

Deliverables: TBD

Link to the Code: N/A

Link to the Dataset: N/A