Education Deserts

About This Project

Where one lives can have a direct/indirect impact on if and how people obtain secondary education, wherein students who live in “education deserts” may be limited in their professional development, and thus the jobs they ultimately pursue. Education Deserts are defined as places far from post-secondary educational institutions, where “college opportunities are few and far between”. As such, understanding the factors associated with education deserts, their geographic extent (e.g. county level, state level), and what groups of people are most vulnerable to living in an education desert (e.g. minorities) can provide insight on geographical trends of education deserts, but provide an idea on what communities are more likely to be impacted, and how particular context influences these post-secondary choices. To this vein, we took inspiration from previous literature, and did exploratory analysis on both published data, and other data we thought were relevant, and produced descriptive figures/statistics.


Hannah Coles

Sara Colom

Xinyue Zhang