Detroit Vehicle Maintenance

Title: Detroit Vehicle Maintenance

Phase1: November 2016 - August 2017

Phase2: September 2017 - August 2018


Forecast vehicle maintenance costs for the city of Detroit. The main goals of the project is to develop algorithms to determine ideal replacement time for vehicles and fuel and repair budget for upcoming years by looking into historical data provided by the City of Detroit mayor's office. The provided data includes maintenance data, unit codes with vehicle information, cost information (e.g. lifetime maintenance, fuel, purchase price), and time series data (e.g. last fuel date, last fuel mileage).

Leader(s): Phase1 - Josh Gardner (slack: @jpgard), Phase2 - Jawad Mroueh (slack: @jawad)

MDST Participants: Jared Webb, Joshua Gardner , Victor Pang, Jawad Mroueh, Andres Cambronero, Chiranjeevi Vegi, Deniz Karabakal, Natalia Jenuwine, Noah Weaverd

Faculty Advisor: Danai Koutra

Looking for: TBD

External Collaborators: Samuel Krassenstein (Detroit), Justin Fenwick (Detroit GSD)

Achieved Milestone:

PHASE1: Presentation and published paper 2017 Bloomberg D4GX

Deliverables: PHASE2: Lifetime Maintenance Cost Analysis and publication

Link to the Code:

Link to the Dataset:


Currently working on PHASE2 of project, goal is to publish work first quarter of 2018.

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