The Michigan Data Science Club is hosting a data challenge in collaboration with MIDAS that will kick off the first week of October and run throughout the month. The data challenge will conclude with a symposium that will be held November 13-15. The data challenge is set out to challenge a group of teams to come up with novel solutions for real life data problems, and prizes and recognition will be awarded to the top scoring teams. This data challenge will be a great opportunity to network with U of M students and faculty involved in data science, and a great way to learn about potential careers and employers in this field. Please come back to this webpage for updates and details coming soon.



  • Progress report (max 3 pages) with preliminary findings and plans for further analysis
  • To be submitted via Google Form: https://forms.gle/Vyh2gUPokYVWveGm9
    • Deadline is Nov 2 by 11:59 pm
  • Midpoint submission is required in order to be able to present at the Symposium




  • November 13-15, 2019 Rackham Amphitheatre

Poster Presentations, Judging, and Award Ceremony has been modified. Presentation will now be on November, 15 12:45-2:30, in the Rackham Assembly Hall, with awards following afterwards 2-2:30 PM.


  • Best Walter P Moore Project
  • Best J.D. Power Project
  • Best GM Project
  • Best Overall Presentation at Symposium


  • Quality of Analysis - Are the technical contributions sound? Are the models appropriate for the task?
  • Quality of Presentation - Are the technical contributions explained clearly? Do the visualizations match the analysis performed?
  • Actionability - Does the analysis provide insights that advance the field or application area? Is the prompt addressed?

Posters Guidelines for Symposium

Should include the following:

  • Team Number
  • Participant Names
  • Company
  • Project Title
  • Description of background and objectives
  • Methods to accomplish project objectives
  • Results (include graphs/tables as appropriate)
  • Discussion of results, limitations of projects, and/or future questions that can be posed based on your findings

For Rubric for Prize Category of Best Poster:

  • Verbal presentation is of high quality, results are delivered with clarity.
  • Presentation has given with consideration to their audience’s technical background levels.
  • Presentation is engaging and captures the audience’s attention.
  • Poster is neatly constructed, including good use fonts, pictures, and extras. Poster uses colors and patterns well. Good use of space for visualizations and text in the poster.
  • The overall display is eye-catching. Phrasing of titles and captions are creative. Shows creative thought in visualization presentation. Poster grabs the attention of the viewers and is easy to read through.
  • Correct grammar and spelling are used.

*Poster printing is the participant's responsibility. Some on campus options for poster printing include:

Central campus

LSA (IT) in Angell Hall ('Fishbowl')

UM Biological Chemistry: 48 hours lead time

North campus

UM GroundWorks, Duderstadt Center, 1st Floor


FedEx Office Print & Ship Center Stores in Ann Arbor (address, phone)

  • 505 E. Liberty Str, 734-761-4539
  • 2800 S. State Str, 734-665-2400
  • 3354 Washtenaw, 734-975-0496

Office Depot/ Office Max Stores in Ann Arbor (address, phone)

  • 2777 Oak Valley, 734-769-0706
  • 3765 Washtenaw, 734-677-1405

*Poster stands and thumbtacks will be provided, at the symposium and they are designed for 4’x6’ (height x width)

*Attire is business casual






We will be offering $1000+ in prizes


Walter P Moore, General Motors, and J.D. Power

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    • Any enrolled University of Michigan student is eligible to participate. We welcome students of all experience levels, from novice in data science to veterans in the field.

General rules for participation

    • Teams must provide a short update in early November, and present final presentation in mid November.


    • Teams must contain of 3-5 members. If you don't have a team, we will be facilitating team formation before the event.